Research on witchcraft accusation-related violence

Those who are in year 2 and 3 this year, I suggest witchcraft or sorcery accusation-related violence as a potential theme for your major research.

By now you all know that a key requirement of this program is research. In order to graduate, each student from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences must take two research units and submit a major research paper.

The research units are; PG317 Research Methods offered in the second semester for third years, and PG427 Data Analysis and Research Report. Both units are known as Faculty units and are offered across the semester to all students enrolled in the three full-time undergraduate programs.

Even though, they have the 'PG' code they are not units belonging only to the Department of PNG Studies and International Relations. Please note carefully this distinction.

You are all privilege to be taught research at undergrad level. When I was a student, I had no exposure to research methodologies.

Thus, I struggled greatly in my honors…

English School, witchcraft and human rights

We had a discussion on the possibility of intervention by other states and non-state actors in relation to the case of witchcraft and human rights. 
We assumed that if the killings of those accused of practicing witchcraft gets out of hand, or evolves to a level that constitutes genocide or mass torture. Then the international community might see fit to intervene into our internal affair.
The discussion was based on the UN Experts Workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights held in Geneva on 21-22 September, 2017.
When I read about Fr. Philip Gibbs and his presence at the workshop, I quickly thought about the English School Theory. How can I understand what is happening us the pluralist or the solidarist approach?
We all drew the conclusion that the killings were not right. We said it was against international norms and laws. I talked about the 3 international crimes from genocide to crimes against humanity. I also mentioned the universal declaration of human rights.
However, I did not …

Personal security and the Manus detention case

Human development is a concept that is at the heart of human security. The website Measure of America defines the concept as:
"the process of enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being. Human development is about the real freedom ordinary people have to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live." You can also listen to the podcast below by Selim Jahan of the Human Development Report Office on the concept of human development.
The UNDP states that: "Human development – or the human development approach - is about expanding the richness of human life, rather than simply the richness of the economy in which human beings live. It is an approach that is focused on people and their opportunities and choices." The Measure of America website states that the human development concept was developed by economist Mahbub ul Haq. He argued that existing measure of human progress failed to account for the true purpose of development - to i…

Buzan and English School

Our inquiry question for this week is: what is the English School Theory? The supporting questions are: is it vital to learn about the English School Theory? Why?
I gave you all the required readings for the particular topic. The challenge is for you all to find time to read the required readings which will also feature in the reading quiz. We need to start reading the works of scholars who are experts in the particular theories in order to develop a sound understanding of the theories.
Required readings for this week:
Bellamy, A. J. (2007). The English School. In M. Griffiths (Ed.), International relations theory for the twenty-first century(pp. 75-87). New York: Routledge. Buzan, B. (2004). From international to world society? English school theory and the social structure of globalization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Dunne, T. (1998). Inventing international society: a history of the English school. Great Britain: MacMillan Press Ltd. Linklater, A. & Suganami, H. (200…

Podcast 1.4 for IR302

International law is a very interesting subject. Apart from being interesting, it is also very broad. There are many areas or topics that are not included in our unit outline.

The challenge is for you to continue reading the eBook by Malcolm Shaw and also the other required readings. I am content that at least Miss Hamadi and I played our part by sourcing the readings for you. Thus, to fill the knowledge gap, we hope you spend some of your private time to read the eBooks we shared on Moodle.

I spent 2 days listening to the IR302 International Law in International Relations podcasts. A good number of you showed progress. I believe you took note of the comments or feedback I made on your respective podcast.

All of you were asked to give your responses to a question and two statements:
Explain the Latin phrase 'pacta sunt servanda' in your own wordsWhy is the UN Charter considered as one of the world's most important treaties?Explain the Latin phrase 'opinio juris sive nec…

IR302 group presentation review

Once again the Department will need a sound proof room in order for us to produce our podcasts and videos. Please do not mind the background noise.

Below is my review of the IR302 group presentations so far.

Presentation on concepts

IR202 students please listen to my reflection on your presentations so far. I hope to see progress. I will continue to share my reflections aimed at helping you develop our respective graduate attributes.

I really learnt a lot about the different concepts. All of you did well to collate information but will need to now read more academic materials. Please visit the IR section in the Friendship library to see the different books on offer.

Apologies for the background noise. The Department will need an audiovisual room to cater for podcasting.